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Andre S.

When I first met with Fred and Dana I already had my insurance needs met with another company, so I thought. They encourage me to allow them to get some quotes just to see what they would be able to do for me. Due to their attention to detail I was able to save 14% on my housing insurance with the same company because they identified more safety details that the previous group didn’t. In addition to being a great firm, The Simmons Group treats me well and keeps me up date on all things I need to do, couldn’t ask for better partner for my assets.

Brandon A.

Being a local business owner, I needed insurance to protect both my home and my livelihood. The Simmons Group was able to provide me with affordable quotes very quickly while taking the time to explain my different options. The Simmons Group proved to be fast, reliable and affordable….three qualities that distinguishes them from the competition.

Kaesha C.

"As a first time home owner, I wasn't sure where to start or what insurance policy was best for me. Once I contacted The Simmons Group, Fred Sebren, answered ALL the questions I had and helped me understand what policies were best for me to choose from. He took the time to search and explain each policy to me so I could make the right choice and he was always readily available. I highly recommend contacting Fred Sebren for any policy you are in the market for!"
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